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Hi, I am Stefani Seek

I am excited to help your company fill the pipeline and win more business by enabling your sales organization to open new doors & communicate with impact.

Fractional CSO | Embedded Sales Coach | Speaker


About Stefani Seek

Stefani Seek is an award-winning sales professional, having led sales teams at global organizations including Salesforce, Gartner, and Allegis Group. As the founder and president of Love the Sell, she helps B2B sales-driven organizations identify and overcome roadblocks for both sales leadership and individual sales contributors. The sales cycle begins with effective identification of opportunities and smart prospecting, and Stefani has proven that sales professionals who master both the science and art of impactful client communications become unstoppable powerhouses.

Stefani’s super power as your sales advisor and coach is her ability to get deep into the practical situations of what is actually happening in the field between your sales reps and your prospect/clients to transform communications and uplevel performance throughout the entire sales process. Her discoveries give company executives a clear lens into what is working well in their sales process and where improvements can make a big impact. Stefani has the ability to quickly assess situations, connect meaningfully with your teams, build trust, gain consensus and energize both your sales leadership and individual contributors using motivators rooted in data and personal/professional success factors.

Stefani believes that Sales is a noble profession because the work connects people with solutions that support both their professional and personal goals. She also advocates for women in technology sales, and is an accomplished workshop facilitator and speaker. Stefani is a mom to three daughters and one rescue chiweenie, and resides in St. Louis, MO.

Random Facts

Age of First Sale

Leadership Roles

Sales Professionals Coached

Revenue Created

Specialization as Revenue Leader

Like all the Fractional Revenue Leaders affiliated with Atomic Revenue, my experience spans multiple industries with transferable insights that help my clients identify, transition, and up-level sales performance with an emphasis on pipeline generation. I am committed to delivering measurable value by empowering your sales leaders and teams with proven processes, real-world examples, and a renewed mindset about the revenue growth that is possible for them. That being said, I have some key differentiators that might make me the right choice for your team and your organization.

Deepest Industry Expertise

Business-to-Business (B2B) technical professional services characterized by long, consultative, peer-to-peer sales process (Engineering, Technology, Science, Consulting, Commercial B2B Services) with high Lifetime Value (LTV) customers.

Increased Quantity & Quality of Leads

The sales cycle begins with identification of prospects, but it comes to an abrupt halt if your sales team cannot open new doors. My “Opening New Doors” workshop and continuous coaching of unique prospecting & communication methods will 2-3x your pipeline.


Improved Sales Conversion Rates

Your individual sales team members’ effectiveness and communication in discovery meetings with prospects will make or break your top-line revenue growth. I teach your teams how to find a client’s compelling event, and I coach a best-in-class discovery meeting, follow-up and qualification process.

Greatest Professional Passion

Witnessing sales leaders and individual sales contributors achieve break-through moments with their teams and prospects light me up. From a compelling message that opens the door to what was once an “impossible” prospect, to up-leveling your sales leadership to create a high-performing culture, empowering sales success is my jam.

We don’t dream of picking a sales career as children. Sales finds us…those who are curious, competitive, eager to help, excited about results and getting paid well for performance. The sales profession offers more self-development opportunities than most, as you learn to make yourself vulnerable to rejection while persevering to forge meaningful connections with every kind of personality under the sun.
Stefani Seek
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Key Engagement Methods

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Sales Success Assessment

Evaluation of your client-facing sales activities that are propelling or restricting your revenue growth, culminating in a customized heat map to inform a prioritized 6-18 month plan of specific sales training and coaching for your sales leaders and/or individual sales contributors.

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Sales Coaching

Observation followed by embedded weekly group and/or 1-1 coaching activities with your sales team focused on lead generation, door-opening techniques to secure meetings with new decision-makers, running world-class discovery meetings, creating pipeline momentum and successfully closing new business.
how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Sales Leadership Advising

Helping your leaders build a high-performance sales culture from the inspirational to the tactical day-to-day leadership that is required for revenue growth, setting the team up for success and attracting/retaining top sales talent.

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