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Customer Advocacy

The Value of Customer Advocacy

Brand reputation, referrals, and company valuation.

Without repeat sales and referrals, revenue will always be unpredictable and unstable, that’s why customer advocacy is imperative for consistent sales growth. Leads sourced directly from customer referrals, or your “customer advocates,” strengthen your brand reputation and add measurable value to your company. Not sure how to develop raving fans who skyrocket your revenue? Atomic Revenue creates customer advocacy strategies that support your capabilities and provide measurable results.

Customer Advocacy ROI

Increase your profit margins with Customer Advocacy.

Customers need to be delighted in all facets of your business so they literally make sales calls on your behalf. They do this for your benefit and at little cost to you. From a B2B perspective, advocacy is gained and ROI is strengthened by being a trusted partner in your customers’ business successes. Atomic Revenue works with your team to diagnose and resolve customer-related problems that slow progress and reduce profit and helps you design a powerful customer success strategy.

Customer advocacy supports your sales process with highly qualified, engaged leads that come in your door pre-sold. Just like that, sales go up, unqualified leads and wasted efforts decrease, and company valuation rocks. 


of consumers say speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service are the most important elements of a positive customer experience.

(Source PWC)


Experience + Delivery = Advocacy

Set expectations, create interest, and exceed those expectations.


Focus on the experience of your customers.


Always deliver with the intent to exceed expectations. 


Every step of the process – from initial communication to payment to delivery and beyond – should be about customer experience.


Allow your customers to advocate on your behalf.

People, Process, Data

Once your customers tell others about you and pre-sell your services to other qualified leads, the sales cycle is shortened and your customer acquisition cost (CAC) decreases. Congratulations! You now have customer advocates ‒ or an unpaid sales force ‒ working for you that generates pure profit.


of buyers will pay more for a great customer experience. The more expensive the item, the more they are willing to pay.

Use Data to Get Customers & Keep Them

Unlock the power to control customer satisfaction and create advocacy.

To give customers the experience they want, listen to them and create a customer advocacy plan based on their feedback and measurable data. At Atomic Revenue, we’re all about mining the data first – without it, you’d be perpetually lost on your growth journey. Our team helps you calculate how to satisfy customer demands with data collection and analytics that unlock the power to control customer satisfaction and create advocacy.

Unlock Revenue Opportunities

Customer Advocacy is the backbone of your business plan.

Through lead generation, sales conversion, and customer advocacy, Atomic Revenue aligns all the parts of your business to make it easier for you to operate with long-term, predictable efficiency and achieve revenue results you’ve only dreamed of! Create customer advocates and unlock revenue opportunities today. Contact us for your no-obligation, free revenue assessment.