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Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations  Align Your Business for Profits

Discover a more profitable future through alignment.

Achieving consistent business growth comes from so much more than making a plan and hoping it works. Revenue Operations optimization requires a complex mix of people, process, and measurable data, all aligned to facilitate end-to-end revenue production™. Atomic Revenue analyzes and maximizes Revenue Operations strategies and aligns outcomes throughout your business for accelerated growth.


of all marketing leads are not converted into sales due to poor marketing and sales integration.

(Source: Marketing Sherpa)

Obtain Real ROI with Revenue Operations

Empowering people through process and data™.

Revenue Operations is the unity of effective strategic planning, resource allocation, and tactical execution across marketing operations, digital operations, sales operations, and customer success. A well-executed lead generation, sales conversion, and customer advocacy strategy work with every entity in any industry because the underlying principles – the people, process, and data – are constant. When organized, cost-effective, and operationally functional, Revenue Operations produces the intended Return-on-Investment (ROI).

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm
how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Lead Generation

Communicates your brand and identity to create interest and inspire engagement with the right target market at the right time.


Sales Conversion

Secures quality leads and educates prospects about your solutions to their problems so that they make educated buying decisions.


Customer Advocacy

Comes from exceeding customer expectations, resulting in repeat sales and qualified lead referrals.

Lead Generation

Identity + Exposure = Engagement

Effective lead generation must create interest, inspire customer action, and engage the right prospects in a lead qualification process that aligns with your sales conversion process. A refined qualifications process helps your company get the right leads, manage those leads, funnel them to the solutions they seek and connect them with the right sales reps.

Build your brand and communicate your identity.

Get your brand and message in front of the right audience when that audience is ready to hear it.

Create enough interest that they take action to learn more and engage with your brand.

The People, Process, Data of Lead Generation

Successful lead generation can be the most complex of the 3 steps to Revenue Operations. It requires the most diverse skills from your people. It requires the most tools and technology, can take a considerable amount of your budget, and multiple departments need to play a role in lead generation. With scientifically targeted, integrated digital marketing and lead-generation activities that consistently emphasize the human aspect of what you do, leads turn into reliable, measurable sales.

Sales Conversion

Problem + Solution = Conversion

The right lead generation is essential for sales conversion. Only a subset of total leads become Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and a subset of those become Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) eligible for conversion. The reason why most collateral doesn’t advance a sale is that it’s focused on creating interest instead of communicating value. 

When you shift your focus from representing your company to representing the customer and solving his or her problem, you move from finding customers to them finding you. The right sales message bolsters the relationship and educates an engaged prospect to making a buying decision. Alignment of your marketing and sales message builds confidence with your audience and fosters efficient, measurable, profitable sales for your organization.

Effective qualification process secures quality leads.

Prospect education links problems to solutions.

Potential to convert with a confident buying decision.

The People, Process, Data of Sales Conversion

Sales conversion is the process of taking someone who is interested in your product or service through to a signed contract. For every business, the people and process required will be different. However, measuring the data is a step that remains constant for all businesses. It is required to continuously improve your sales conversion process as you move into customer advocacy and organic growth.

Customer Advocacy

Experience + Delivery = Advocacy

Lead generation sets expectations in the process of creating interest while sales conversion sets additional expectations through education and contracts. This combination creates a foundation for customer experience. At a minimum, delivery on the set expectations during lead generation and sales conversion will result in customer satisfaction. However, exceeding those expectations opens the door for so much more. 

When your company exceeds customer expectations, the result is customer advocacy. Your customer tells their peers about you and pre-sells your services to other qualified leads, shortening the sales cycle and your customer acquisition cost (CAC) significantly.

Congratulations! You now have a sales force working for you that generates pure profit.

Clear expectations create the customer experience.

Delivery exceeds customer satisfaction.

Qualified leads result from customer advocacy.

The People, Process, Data of Customer Advocacy

Customer success rests in the hands of your lead generation and sales conversion efforts delivering customers that your company can profitably serve. Customer service, customer marketing, account management, and business operations all work together to deliver and exceed the promised customer experience to turn satisfied customers into raving advocates.

“We focus on your end-to-end revenue production through people, process, and data so you can join us in being unabashedly pro-profit!”

Revenue Operations Services All Companies of All Sizes

Discipline-specific, industry-agnostic.

Revenue Operations is a discipline that considers the people, process, and data components of how any organization utilizes resources to generate revenue. It applies to every entity in any industry because the underlying principles are constant. Our clients represent diverse businesses ranging from non-profits to start-ups, solopreneurs to large enterprises, and from products and services to brick-and-mortar and e-commerce.

Streamline Your Process, Improve ROI

Shorten your sales cycle.

It’s time to drive stability into your revenue pipeline! Atomic Revenue can help you launch growth by supporting and improving lead generation, sales conversion, and customer advocacy as part of a complete Revenue Operations strategy. To streamline your processes, shorten the sales cycle, and improve ROI, contact us today for a free revenue assessment.