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What does it mean to be part of the Atomic Revenue team? It means you get to write your ticket to profitability as you partner with an unabashedly pro-profit™, wicked-smart group of professionals who continue to deliver exceptional value to every size business. Our mission to further define Revenue Operations and launch growth for every client is only possible because of our creative, forward-thinking, diverse, and hard-working team of contractors, employees, and partners. We have also fueled our own growth over 300% year-over-year by empowering our people to give it their all – on their terms. If Atomic Revenue sounds like a company that you’d like to be a part of, we’re happy you’re here.


If You’re a Self-Directed Problem Solver

and you align with our Core Values ‒ you may be a perfect fit.

Do you want to combine your skills and talents with some of the best minds around the country? Do you thrive in a flexible environment and operate best with a work-life blend? Are you open to working with others in every time-zone, in every discipline, and use technology to the fullest to make it all happen? Then keep reading!

Atomic Revenue culture includes a largely virtual, self-managed, collaborative, and highly flexible workforce. As such, we hire people who align with our 3 Core Values. If you honestly share these values, then you are very likely a great fit for our team. 

Wicked Smart

Skilled, eager to learn and grow, curious, knows highest value, brilliant, pushes back, multi-talented, value-added aptitude, inspirational, thoughtful, educated debater.


Committed, works well independently, no hand-holding required, appreciates work flexibility, flexible in nature, energetic, nimble, self-managed, accountable, creative.

Problem Solver

Responsive, organized, dedicated, good team player, collaborative, excels as a professional, self-starter, phenomenal communicator, asks questions, great listener.

“I became a contractor with Atomic Revenue in 2015 with my own company, Nissen Media. By 2016, I was solely working on Atomic projects; I soon became an employee, and in the summer of 2018, I became an owner and partner. Atomic Revenue was great about meeting me where I was on my journey. They evolved with me and I evolved with them. We have matured together as we’ve shaped the future of Atomic Revenue. And, thanks to the Revenue Operations ground-breaking quest we’re on, I continue to grow both professionally and personally.” – Steph Hermanson, Chief Digital Operations Advisor/Owner

Atomic Revenue on The Map

It’s not about where you live and work, it’s about how you live and work.

You can find someone who works for or with Atomic Revenue across the country. We’re growing all the time – before you know it this whole map will be “Atomic Revenue Orange!”


“I joined Atomic Revenue in May of 2018 as a contractor, and by November of that year, Atomic was the source for 90% of my active projects. By May of 2019, I become an employee, and in 2020, an owner. Atomic Revenue has given me the ability to focus on my strengths, and the resources and encouragement to pursue projects I never would have been able to work on as a solo contractor. Now, as Chief Data Advisor, leading the dashboarding revolution, I’m able to build and focus on my true passions – something I wouldn’t have even had a timeline for achieving on my own without the familial support structure provided by Atomic Revenue.” – Liz Zanter, Chief Data Advisor

Contractor to Employee…

You decide how you want to evolve with Atomic Revenue.

If you are interested in working with us but you’re not sure how your skills and/or business fit the mix, there are many different ways to come on-board and evolve with the company. Most of our “employees” started as part-time independent contractors who, over time, decided becoming an employee was a better fit for their situations. We leave your Atomic Revenue evolution to you and what makes the most sense for you at the time.

Independent Contractor

Sign on as an independent contractor as you continue to operate your own business and simultaneously work with Atomic Revenue and our clients. Or, become an independent contractor who has Atomic Revenue as your only client.

Affiliate Partner

Represent and co-sell Atomic Revenue programs as an Affiliate Partner while earning commission. Enhance your services selection with our programs and a partnership that complements your expertise, best serve clients and boosts sales.

Channel Partner

As a Channel Partnerwe contract directly with you. You’re authorized to sell certain Atomic Revenue programs that are branded for your company with a “Powered by Atomic Revenue” subheading. We support you and you deliver.


Blow us away with your mad skills as an applicant for one of our posted positions and get hired as an employee with a benefits package and a flexible work-life blend. Contractors may also evolve into employment.

“In October 2018, Atomic Revenue and I began our contractor relationship, and within just a few months, Atomic and its clients were my main source of work and income. Within a year, I became the Senior Content Specialist, and at the two-year mark, I was given the opportunity to sell Atomic Revenue’s amazing, proven programs. I continue to learn new skills and have been trusted to use my judgment and expertise to do what I feel will get the best results for our clients. The freedom of creativity in my work and in my schedule is priceless, and the team acknowledging my value every step of the way is empowering.” – Kristin D. Sadler, Senior Content Specialist

Current Career Opportunities

Download job descriptions for open positions.

Project Guide


Digital Operations Strategist


Content Marketer Specialist


Fractional Revenue Leader


Become an Atomic Revenue Superstar

Launch your own growth while helping clients reach the stars!

Revenue Operations success requires forward-thinking people who work together to create tangible growth that results from the end-to-end business-process alignment that’s focused on measurable outcomes instead of just functions. Our internal team, comprised of contractors, partners, and employees, is the catalyst that aligns these outcomes to launch our clients’ revenue, our revenue, and their own! 

If you’re interested in working with us, take a look at the positions available. If we don’t have positions available or one that fits you, but you feel you have a unique skill that we can’t live without, fill out the form anyway. Sell us on why you should be part of our wicked-smart, unabashedly pro-profit team. We look forward to meeting you!

Due to the high volume of inquiries and interest in working with Atomic Revenue, we will evaluate all submissions but can only get back to those where we see a mutual fit. We really appreciate your interest!

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