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About Tara Kinney

Tara’s first revenue revelation occurred at age 3 when she realized that there is a market for gravel washed in a dog watering bowl. She has since devoted her career to problem-solving and progress-innovating as an owner, key executive, fractional manager or strategic advisor for over 45 small-to-mid-sized businesses. She is currently CEO of Atomic Revenue, President of AuVis, mom of two energetic young girls, administrator of adolescent remote learning curriculum, as well as national speaker on business growth, process, data, and KPI related topics.

Tara believes that technology disrupts traditional hierarchy by uniting organizations top-to-bottom through process and data which streamlines operations, drives down costs, and improves human performance. Distributing leadership to every role within the organization meets the demands of today’s customers and workforce.

She gets up, shows up, and kicks ass every day because she loves finding the path for “All Ships to Rise Together” because all people are empowered by effective process and accurate data regardless of their journey.

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Accountability Metrics for Optimizing Profitability


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Breaking Through Growth Barriers


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Better Data, Bigger Budgets, and CFO Love…Marketers CAN Have it All!

Founder Flaws, Fantasies and other "F" Words in Business

For as long as business data has been collected – despite the economy, war, globalization, and inflation – 50% of small businesses with employees fail within 5 years. The only commonality in this Failure is another “F” word, Founders. Learn how to avoid the 10 common pitfalls of Founder Fails and other “F” words that could turn you and your business into a statistic and put those who depend on you at risk.


Business Owners, Startup Communities, Innovation Conferences, Founders


30 or 60-minute Keynote

Better Data, Bigger Budgets, and CFO Love...Marketers CAN Have it All!

Instead of a world with no data, gut instinct, and spaghetti-on-the-wall strategies we now have vanity metrics, data manipulation, and KPI conflicts–it’s no wonder why CFO’s won’t support your marketing budget. The data you use in your job is not the data others need to do their jobs. If you do not effectively translate metrics from tactical level to managerial level to executive level, and ultimately to board level then you will learn quickly why the wrong metrics in the hands of the wrong people causes painful challenges and reduces executive support.


 Marketing Leaders, Sales Leaders, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Executives


30 or 60-minute Keynote

Accountability Metrics for Optimizing Profitability

You have to spend money to make money, but how do you right-size and prioritize spending for optimal profitability? How will you measure what’s working and what’s not? What are the measures of success when your business changes? Can you hold teams accountable for performance regardless of economic conditions? The answers to these questions and so many more rely exclusively on the right people having the right data to manage performance of the right initiatives to drive profitability at every level of your organization under any economic conditions. Learn how to structure your data so that every team member is accountable for company profitability.


CEO, CFO, COO, CRO, Founders, Private Equity, Active Investors in Early Stage Companies, Accountants


2-hour Virtual or 3-hour In-Person Workshop with 1-hour Follow-up Virtual Workshop in 90-days

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Tara Kinney
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Past Events & Speaking


Ep. 13 – Breakfast with Tara & Steph of Atomic Revenue

Feb 17, 2020

[player id=123999]

Rianna M. Hill interviews the wonderful owners of Atomic Revenue in this episode of the Breakfast With series.

Steph Nissen and Tara Kinney are owners of Atomic Revenue in St. Louis, a revenue operations company serving B2B companies nationwide.They focus on all of the elements that generate revenue in a company – lead generation, sales conversion, and customer advocacy all tied to process and data.


What is Revenue Operstion?

Feb 17, 2020

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Atomic Revenue grows small to mid-size businesses through Revenue Operations. Atomic Revenue works with your team to diagnose and resolve problems that slow progress and reduce profit. From lead generation to sales conversion and customer advocacy, Atomic Revenue aligns all the parts of your business to make it easier for you to achieve the results you want.


Tara Kinney at MVF’s Top Gun CEO Bootcamp

Feb 17, 2020

[player id=124020]

The Top Gun CEO Bootcamp program, founded by Rob “Cujo” Teschner and Tom Sears, is designed to help leaders make the refinements necessary to grow their businesses, become more efficient, and build accountability the right way—the way high-performing teams do it. Every GREAT ORGANIZATION still has many areas in which to improve Every GREAT LEADER realizes there is still so much to learn

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