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Sales Productivity Tools

Improve Sales Team Performance

Why are your salespeople unproductive?

It’s seldom a challenge to determine that your sales team is not productive–that’s usually obvious. Why aren’t they producing results? Just because a salesperson is not converting sales, does not necessarily mean they are bad at their job. Salespeople of all skill levels often become more productive when provided with the proper tools to qualify leads and advance them through the sales process.

Effective sales collateral is one piece of the puzzle. Equally important are the tools and training you provide so that a salesperson can effectively match your solution to the needs of your buying market. This includes Core Messaging tools, market identification tools, data management systems, and training support that enables more productive activity, thereby increasing the Average Conversion Rate and Average Contract Value results of their work.


of the average salesperson’s day is spent on non-revenue generating activities, including not knowing where to find good prospects or recognizing them once they find them.
(Source: TeleSmart.com)

Atomic Revenue’s Sales Productivity Program

Diagnose. Resolve. Optimize.

Our Sales Productivity Program provides the necessary sales support with highly functional sales tools that direct sales teams to produce more effective results. Our program accounts for all phases of the sales process, including prospecting, qualification of leads, and sales conversion.

Objection Handling

We create a detailed and customized tactical strategy and plan for qualifying, evaluating and effectively addressing the specific challenging objections that your sales team will most likely encounter.

Utilization Training

We combine instruction, interactive discussion, and role play scenarios to reinforce the application of the Sales Productivity Program Modules. With utilization training, you also get the bonus of a Sales Meeting Plan Audit.

Discovery & Requirements

We develop a questioning framework that’s designed to diagnose a prospect’s requirements, prioritize information collection for maximum utilization, and focuses core meeting purposes and objectives dependent on the stage in the sales pipeline.

Opportunity Qualification

We create a graphical “stoplight guide” that provides transparency around assessing and qualifying the best opportunities to pursue. This allows for proper coordination and a unified direction for goals and activity which improves sales management as sales productivity increases.

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