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Sales Collateral Development

Sales Collateral as a Sales Tool

Effective Sales Collateral Increases Sales Team Performance

Sales collateral helps deliver the right information to the right people. Sales collateral is a broadly used term for any content that can be used to educate a prospect so that they can make a buying decision. One of the biggest struggles for salespeople is having the right content to share at every stage of the sales process. In fact, 42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information when making a sales call (Source: Lattice Engines/CSO Insights). Further, 90% of marketing deliverables created for sales are never used by salespeople  (Source: The New Rules of Sales Enablement). Therefore, it is critical that sales collateral developed by marketing is relevant to each stage of the sales process and that salespeople can effectively utilize the collateral to advance the buying decision.


of customers choose the solution providers that offer the most relevant content at every stage of the buying process.
(Source: DemandGen Report)

Sales Collateral by Atomic Revenue

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Atomic Revenue provides expertise in both marketing and sales operations to accomplish a proven process for effective collateral development.  Our collateral development process starts with the Core Messaging Program to develop the foundation for standardized value communications across marketing, sales, delivery, and service efforts.  Then we develop effective collateral that aligns marketing presentation with your sales objectives to produce meaningful results.

While there are a wide variety of types of collateral an organization may utilize, these are the most common sales process requirements:


Sell sheets provide a compelling yet easy-to-consume summary of your solution. Initially, they validate interest and enhance desire to learn more, ultimately providing education about the benefits of utilizing your solution.

Sales Presentation

A sales presentation focuses on sales conversion utilizing all core messaging assets to walk a customer through a compelling and interactive process as they make an educated buying decision.

Discovery Diagnostics

Discovery diagnostics collateral extracts organized, consistent and impactful data about your prospect’s needs which drive quality into your solution proposal and confidence into their buying rationale.

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