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People Operations

Stop the Workforce Revolving Door

Shift From Human Resources to People Operations

How do you get people to buy the job you’re selling and stop the workforce revolving door? When you shift from traditional HR functions to a people operations approach, your business will have a relationship with your people focused on their personal and professional needs.

Finally, you can attract, hire, and onboard top talent while retaining long-term, productive workers with our proven 25 Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies for Business Success in the New US Labor Market.

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Voluntary turnover costs totaled more than $600 billion for U.S. businesses in 2018.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Redesign how your business attracts the right people and learn how to keep them.

Human Resources (HR) focuses on what a business needs from people performing business functions centered around what is best for the business through administrative, legal, and productivity requirements. This limited view of hiring and employee management is no longer enough in today’s professional environment. Job-seeker and employee emphasis is on quality of life and values and what your business can do for them.

Yes, you need HR functions, but to attract top talent and retain employees, you need to meet your people where they are in life, personally and professionally.

Human resources from a business-first standpoint includes all the things a business must have to operate:

  • Technology
  • People
  • Process
  • Data

People operations utilizes the technology, people, process, and data to benefit the humans in your organization to do the following, successfully:

  • Attract & Recruit
  • Qualify & Hire
  • Onboard & Integrate
  • Retain & Value

This process can be difficult to manage on your own ‒ that’s why an objective team of subject matter experts, like those at Atomic Revenue, can help design a recruiting program and expedite the process so you can fill seats with qualified, dedicated employees who expand your company’s culture and influence revenue.


Step 1: Reputation Management

A carefully managed internal and external reputation is key to attraction and retention.

Reputation management is just as important to talent acquisition as it is to customer acquisition. When you carefully manage your reputation, internally with existing employees and externally using the following methods, you have a much better chance of recruiting and retaining the right job candidates.

How do you manage your reputation? With these five strategies.

  1. Glassdoor™
  2. Culture marketing
  3. Social media
  4. Recognition and loyalty programs
  5. Branding and public relations

Reputation management ROI comes from retention of top talent, attraction of top talent, and competitive differentiation in the marketplace, putting you in an overall better position than your competitors.

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Did you know 92% of people would consider changing jobs for a company with an excellent reputation?

(Source: Glassdoor)

Step 2: Employee Retention Initiatives

Invest in retaining top talent and turn new talent into loyal, long-term employees.

Employee retention initiatives have had to evolve. Now, to keep top talent and turn new talent into loyal, long-term employees, you must sincerely care about your people, make sure they know you care, help them grow professionally, and do everything in your power to let them know they’re appreciated. You already do this to retain customers and expand their buying power from your company, it’s time to do it with employees.

To retain employees and new hires, implement the following five initiatives with a people operations focus.

  1. Surveys (Ask + Listen + Act)
  2. Compensation package and career path
  3. Team building
  4. Workday perks
  5. Fire the bad to keep the good

Employee retention is crucial to the hiring process – from reputation management and applicant acquisition to onboarding and training – so it is imperative to keep your people happy.

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Up to 20% of staff turnover occurs within the first 45 days.

(Source: Oracle NetSuite)

Step 3: Applicant Acquisition

Create enticing candidate-focused job ads and easy forms to enter the hiring process.

Have you been so desperate to hire workers, you’ve hired any warm body that comes along rather than holding out for ideal candidates? You’re not alone. This is common practice, however, it results in a recruiting revolving door with employee turnover, unmet business expectations, and a poor onboarding process.

Applicant acquisition is the new customer acquisition, and it’s highly competitive. Reaching ideal candidates, many employed elsewhere, requires work, including placing enticing job ads (not job descriptions) where they will see them.

To attract the right job candidates, you must define and utilize:

  1. An ideal candidate profile (ICP)
  2. Competitive differentiation
  3. Job ads (not job descriptions)
  4. Digital ads, web pages, social media, job boards
  5. Web forms as an initial application

Potential workers and top talent will not do work to consider your job, you must do the work to attract them and get them interested.

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Top candidates stay available for just 10 days before getting hired.

(Source: HR Cloud)

Step 4: Hiring as a Sales Process

Design a well-planned and executed candidate experience with a human touch.

Once someone expresses interest in your job, how do you move that candidate forward? Hiring as a sales process requires the same discipline and uses the same technology and communication methods as your customer sales pipeline, including awareness, inquiry, conversion, satisfaction, expansion, retention, and advocacy.

Hiring as a sales process is achieved by doing the following:

  • Devise and implement an intentional, well-designed candidate experience
  • Use your CRM for the applicant pipeline
  • Develop a nurturing campaign with timely communication
  • Interview candidates before HRIS application/other paperwork
  • Use assessments as a condition of offer, not a condition for interviewing

Most employers have a terrible reputation and track record when it comes to following up with applicants. Don’t let this be you! A well-designed candidate experience during the hiring process with timely follow-up and a human touch sets the stage for what potential employees can expect once they’re hired.

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm
how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

86% of HR professionals surveyed indicated recruitment is becoming more like marketing.

(Source: Glassdoor)

Step 5: Onboarding

Build a bridge with employee-focused onboarding to retention and advocacy.

Remember when, in a new job, you received a giant notebook to read as “training?” Then you followed someone around for a week and were turned loose to do your job. Things have changed dramatically.

A people operations onboarding approach is designed for each person how they learn best, at an appropriate rate at which they can absorb information, often in 90 days. This is most productive for the employee and the company and leads to retention.

To properly onboard someone:

  1. Design a 90-day, personalized onboarding plan
  2. Establish a mentor system and program
  3. Create a nurturing communications campaign
  4. Request ideas and suggestions
  5. Implement a success-recognition program

Your onboarding process is the bridge between successfully hiring a candidate and getting them to the point where retention and advocacy become an option.

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77% of employees who had formal onboarding hit their performance goals.

(Source: FinancesOnline)

Use Your CRM for People Operations

Measure every stage of the recruiting and hiring process with ease.

Did you know you can leverage the capabilities of your existing CRM for people operations? No need for new software or capital outlay. With your CRM or SaaS, you can run automated campaigns that drop culture content to the top candidates who are advancing through the pipeline and keep them excited about the opportunity to work at your company.

Your CRM can also track where each candidate is in the internal process and measure success with KPIs without anyone dropping the ball.

Using your existing software, you will:

  1. Benefit from timely, organized internal and external communication
  2. Easily manage your recruiting pipeline
  3. Track the number of qualified candidates for each position
  4. Follow each candidate’s stage in the hiring process in real-time
  5. Create a positive company culture

By using the resources and tools you already have, you’ll get more value out of your labor, marketing, technology, HR, and other areas of the company, as well as open the door for multiple paths to ROI.

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On average, businesses use only 50% of all CRM features for which they are paying.

(Source: ThriveMyWay)

The People Operations Side of Revenue Operations

Reduce recruiting and training costs to increase revenue and cash resources.

Many companies are turning down sales due to a lack of people resources – are you one of them? When your company has high turnover and a high volume of open positions, every time you fill a position and someone leaves, you never catch up with hiring.

This is a revolving door – when you lose people as fast as you hire them, your company and your revenue will suffer. The direct and intangible costs of the revolving door reduce revenue focus and deplete cash resources.

When people operations is at the heart of your business, your happy employees will create happy customers who continue to buy from your company and develop relationships with your people, which directly produces revenue.

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“Job-seeker emphasis is on quality of life and the things most important to them – more downtime, less commute time, more flexibility, and better wages. They refuse to sacrifice.”

—Tara Kinney, Co-founder, CEO, Atomic Revenue

Stop the Revolving Door with People Operations

Retain talent and influence customer advocacy.

When implementing people operations, you can eliminate the things related to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding that don’t make sense anymore; things that require time, energy, and money but are not producing an ROI. You will reallocate resources and utilize existing people, process, technology, and data to attract, hire, retain, onboard, and value your employees while positively influencing customer advocacy.

For tasks outside your skill set, partner with Atomic Revenue. We make people operations easier, faster, and more effective without the uphill battle against process. Our team of subject matter experts is immediately engaged and integrated with your team, which heightens collaboration and joy through connection and progress. Let us know how we can help!

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