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Revenue Operations Management as a Service (ROMaaS)


Measure KPIs Holistically with ROMaaS

Managing end-to-end revenue production is challenging because all your people (internal, external, vendors, and various teams) are executing separate processes, accessing separate data, and using separate systems to measure what’s important to them rather than looking at metrics holistically. “You cannot manage what you cannot measure,” but Atomic Revenue can help with ROMaaS.

Manage Growth and Profitability

Optimize Your Revenue Operations Potential

Revenue Operations Management uses quality, quantity, and profitability KPIs to optimize lead generation, sales conversion, and customer advocacy outcomes in your business. We break down the silos of traditional reporting to provide Boards, Executives, Managers, and Implementers access to the metrics that matter for the decisions they make every day.  

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Get vanity metrics out of the boardroom. 

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Get financials into the hands of your teams.

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Get accountability with data visualization dashboards.

Get started optimizing profitable growth with Revenue Operations Management by Atomic Revenue. Schedule your Revenue Operations Assessment.

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

What is Revenue Operations Management as a Service?

Optimizing the Profitability of End-to-End Revenue Production

Over 130 individual tactics combine to produce revenue within a business. Standard reporting and system-specific dashboards only tell you part of the story and great parts don’t always produce great outcomes. Google Analytics may show great website data, the CRM may show great pipeline progression, Quickbooks may show high lifetime value of customers, but why are financial statements still weaker than expected? Aligning data from all business systems as a single data story is hard enough, but now produce an executive scorecard, department accountability dashboards, and determine which of the 130 tactics are killing profitability or slowing growth. We do that for your team so their hard work can yield optimal profit and growth outcomes for your business.

Revenue Operations Management

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Which ROMaaS is right for your business?

What Mary has to say about Atomic Revenue...

Industry campaigns are complex in both strategic direction and measurable performance since competitors co-fund initiatives to impact consumer goodwill and product preference. Measuring campaign performance and value requires data from multiple agencies, market research, and third-party sources within a KPI strategy that withstands the politics of diverse perspectives serves all stakeholders and presents clearly in an automated dashboard. Atomic Revenue was an excellent partner for our team, our agencies, our Board, and our Tableau team to accomplish these objectives.

Mary Anne Hansan

President, Paper & Packaging Board

Grow your business for the benefit of the people.

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