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Matt Heck founded NIS in St. Louis upon discovering an urgent need for breast reconstruction alternatives for women who have undergone a mastectomy or double mastectomy. With the help of NIS, women are now given realistic reconstruction options over other limited methods such as stenciling and tattooing.

Atomic Revenue came in to assist NIS with Financial Operations Modeling and the results far exceeded expectations. Read on to find out how we made it happen and why we took the steps we did.

Why Atomic Revenue?

My greatest challenge in working the financials and business prior to engagement with Atomic Revenue was being able to expand upon financial projections as a level of granularity necessary for sophisticated investors to gain confidence in my plan.

What Atomic Revenue Did

Financial Operations Modeling

In the process of creating a financial model for my business through Atomic Revenue, I gained far more than I ever anticipated. My expectation going into the process what that I would obtain a basic set of financial documents which would lend credibility to my financial projections.

“What I discovered was a considerable and unexpected depth of understanding in both my revenue and expense calculations than what I realized was even possible.”

This discovery directly enhanced my ability to articulate the financials behind my business both confidently and thoroughly to investors. I suppose you could say I realized how much I didn’t know but discovered absolutely what I needed to know.


Creating the financial model through Atomic Revenue has essentially proven the viability of my business that I knew existed, but struggled to definitively show.

Prior to working with Atomic Revenue, I could only offer what I felt were shallow, unsubstantiated claims that really didn’t articulate the true power of my business. Now, I can fully support my projections with highly distilled data and fluently converse on such matters as:

  • Market penetration
  • Customer acquisition
  • Return on investment (ROI) and much more.

More importantly, I can have discussions on those topics specifically how it relates to my business on my terms.

The financial model Atomic Revenue helped me create has taught me how to be a more effective executive for my own company.

It has dramatically improved my knowledge of my industry overall, while also diving into the finer details of my business in areas such as uncovering hidden costs of goods and services, lifetime value of customers and selling general and administrative (SG&A) costs.”

In addition to the massive amount of education I gained from Atomic Revenue on financial modeling, I also received enormous value from each team member surrounding their various areas of expertise which included market research, sales, and advertising, pricing structure, and much much more.

      – Matt Heck, CEO, and Founder of NIS

Our Thoughts: This is just one of our many customer success stories here at Atomic Revenue. If you’d like to be featured in one of our case studies, then contact us right now to see what expertise and solutions we can provide to lead you through revenue operations.