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Marketing Operations

How is Marketing Different from Marketing Operations?

Good marketing without Marketing Operations will fail to produce results.

Marketing operations bring organization and efficiency to corporate communications and enable effective revenue strategy. Marketing by common misconception, and common industry practice, solely addresses the functional creation of outward facing company communications to the targeted buyer audience. In contrast, marketing operations cares for all the audiences with which a company communicates to achieve business success including all the the underlying systems, tools, labor, process, and data integrations that support revenue production.  This is where companies have to supplement their creative agencies for lead generation, sales validation, sales enablement, and customer marketing as the key ROI drivers for marketing operations.


of a purchase decision has already been made by a prospect before the first meeting with a B2B sales rep, citing the growing influence of digital presence and personal networks in the sales process.
(Source: Marketing Serpa)

Measuring the Value of Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations key performance metrics

Measuring marketing performance is increasingly complex as multiple systems, skill sets, and providers are required to manage the complex nature of brand exposure in today’s marketplace. With all the new technologies also comes a lot of new data sources which do not necessarily support better decisions regarding marketing budget allocation because this data is usually analyzed with a high degree of bias.  We often see marketing data being used by marketers to validate their work versus objectively analyzed to determine Return on Investment.   

Here’s what you should know:

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Build Identity

Both brand and message built solely from the marketing perspective will ultimately diminish the customer acquisition power of your identity.  Customer-driven and sales-aligned identity will save you from costly rework and significant management headaches down the road.


Generate Exposure

Creating the content and brand is worthless if you don’t expose that identity to the RIGHT buying audiences.  Marketing operations provide a process for assessing both quality and quantity of exposure as well as determine the return on investment for your marketing budget.


Lead Engagement

Once the right identity is exposed to the right audience with the appropriate level of detail, marketing operations enable the audience to take action and effectively engage with your sales process. Marketing operations cares for experience during the engagement process.

Our Marketing Operations Strategy

Your revenue production process is incomplete without Marketing Operations

Marketing operations organize the people, process, and data required to implement, evaluate, and integrate communications efforts tied to key performance indicators that drive evidence-based decision making with regards to budget, distribution, pricing, and positioning strategies. Equally important, it is marketing operations that allow growing businesses to effectively capitalize on new opportunities, respond to changing markets, adapt to competitive landscapes, and develop a strong commercialization strategy.  Although branding, digital marketing, advertising, public relations, market research, and event planning remain core elements of a marketing plan, marketing operations integrate these tactics with sales operations and customer success as a comprehensive revenue strategy.

Grow your business for the benefit of the people.

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