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Since the summer of 2017, when Glenn joined Atomic Revenue, his contributions to client relations and revenue operations have been invaluable. Thirty years of business experience and senior-level marketing on the other side of the desk gave him the ability to see the customers’ perspective and bring Atomic Revenue’s mission to them through his gift of communication.

As Glenn leaves to take on the role of Director of Community Relations at Lutheran High School St. Charles, he is excited to fulfill his life-long passion for this high school (his parents were involved and his sons attended), for that of education, and the opportunity to put all he has learned to use to fulfill a higher purpose.

“I am sorry to leave Atomic in a full-time capacity, but feel this is my opportunity to ‘not just leave a legacy, but BE a legacy.”

Glenn was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us while transitioning into his new role outside of Atomic Revenue.

What did you enjoy most about your role as Head of Marketing Operations with Atomic Revenue?

I enjoyed Atomic Revenue far more than I would’ve ever thought possible. I have learned so much about how operations influences growth and think about marketing and sales differently. If I had to narrow it down, I would say the other main things I enjoyed were:

#1 − how much I learned. You can teach an old dog new tricks! I look at revenue operations totally differently than I did before. Atomic Revenue made me rethink the whole marketing and revenue growth process. End-to-end revenue production should apply to every company. AR changes how people look at their own businesses and teaches them to get out of the silos. And, because of how much I learned and how differently I look at business growth, I have also grown professionally.

#2 – I also really enjoyed working with our clients, more than I imagined. My history of being ‘the client’ gave me the ability to see both sides of the coin and bring a customer viewpoint to the new aspects of revenue operations and how we approached each situation. I call it my ‘grey hair equity!’ I was also humbled and honored that they entrusted us with the thing they most value – their business growth.

What would you say are some of the most important skills or lessons learned during your time with Atomic Revenue?

One of the most important lessons learned is to go into each situation with an open mind and no preconceived notions. Revenue operations solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Learn to ask the right questions to get to optimal, measurable outcomes. At Atomic Revenue, there are no cookie-cutter questions or answers and the team goes to each client with an open mind to collect facts and figures then address the real issues. I will do this going forward in my new position and in life.

I would also tell any business that an objective perspective from Atomic Revenue will change your world – take their diagnosis very seriously. It’s possible to accelerate growth and optimize the results in a painless way.

How did your time as Head of Marketing Operations at Atomic Revenue prepare you for your new role?

My experience at Atomic prepared me for my new role in countless ways, some I’ve already mentioned. But the bottom line is this: no matter what business you’re in, we all have the same objectives – growth. Not growth for growth’s sake − growth for the right reasons. The takeaway – review and address the whole scope of the organization. It’s everyone’s responsibility to come together for end-to-end revenue production and empowering people through data and processes. Every business, whether for profit or not for profit, talks about results. Well, it’s the right results that matter!

We wish Glenn the best of luck and much success in his new role and thank him for his contributions and dedication during his time with Atomic Revenue!