The Money is in Your Existing Customers!

Find it with a Customer Operations Revenue Growth Program
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Increase the lifetime value of your customers in 12 weeks with a Customer Operations Revenue Growth Program from Atomic Revenue and Stark & Associates.

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm
how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Your Existing Customer Teams Should and CAN Drive Growth

Many B2B companies are looking for the most cost effective way to increase their profits. Aren’t we all?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic bullet’ or one-size-fits-all solution. But there is a severely underutilized way that will instantly improve your ability to increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers which in turn increases your overall profits.

You already have customer success teams on your staff (account managers, technicians, customer service reps) and have already paid to get new customers, why not adopt a strategy that utilizes those existing assets to increases your profits even more?

We can help you achieve that outcome through our 12-week Customer Operations Revenue Growth Program.

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Higher Cost

New Revenue vs. Retained Revenue


Higher Spending

Existing Customers vs. New Customers

Wait, what’s “Customer Operations?”

You might be asking – do I even have a “customer operations” team? And the answer is yes, you absolutely do. Your Customer Operations team are those people that take care of your current customers. You might call them account managers, technicians, customer service representatives, customer success agents, engineers – they are anyone on your team that is interacting with your customers and delivering on the promises that were made to them by marketing and sales during the buying process.

Customer Service for Atomic Revenue in St. Louis Missouri

Customer Service

Account managers for Atomic Revenue in St. Louis

Account Managers

Tech support for Atomic Revenue in St. Louis


Here’s How Our 3-Phase Program Works


Diagnose (Prepare and Plan)

  • Strategically Determine Measures of Your Success
  • Customer Operations LinkedIn Training
  • Campaign Workflow, Talk Tracks, and Training Plan

Resolve (Develop and Train)*

  • Customized Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Weekly Training Sessions for Customer Operations Teams


Optimize (KPI Tracking, Adjustment & Support)

  • Weekly Customer Operations Check-ups
  • Monthly Multi-Team Collaborations
  • Measurable Outcomes Report

*Packages Right-Sized for Your Capacity and Budget.

2 Package Options

The Customer Operations Revenue Growth Program has two package options available so you can right size for your capacity and your budget.

Resolve Essentials

You implement with the tools and training we provide.

Resolve Exponential

We implement the tools for you!
how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Don’t Leave Money On The Table

You already paid to develop these clients and retain that customer operations team. Now maximize the revenue potential of your existing customers with the people they trust most at your company – their loyal advisors, aka your Customer Operations Team. Turn this team of yours into your company’s most profitable revenue-producing resource with our Customer Operations Revenue Growth Program, then bank the revenue rewards for years to come.