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Hi, I am Kelley O’Keeffe.

I am ready to help your team improve sales conversion and retention rates for bigger, more predictable revenue.

Fractional Revenue Leader | Founder, The Scale School™ | Speaker


About Kelley O’Keeffe

Kelley has held global leadership roles spanning strategic sales, customer experience, revenue retention and global subscription renewals improvement for Fortune-ranked and mid sized firms prior to age 40. Her deep specialization in client centric consultative sales cycles in technical B2B solutions-selling positioned Kelley for growing a 300+ sales organization globally for the top tech B2B client experience company globally. Kelley loves to improve deal velocity, deal size, scope and retention rates by instituting a cost effective yet tailored client touch system focusing on empathy and feedback systems that are scalable.

Kelley is Founder of The Scale School, a training program founded to help female Founders sell B2B consultatively. She holds an MBA from The University of Georgia, Master of Design Thinking certification from The Design Academy, sales certifications from the world’s top sales school IBM’s Global Sales School, Value Selling, and The Challenger sale. Speaker, travel enthusiast, as well as a wife and dog lover. She thrives on future oriented visions, focused goal-driven journeys, and activating people to make sustainable improvements necessary for top performance.

Random Facts

Age of First Business Venture

World Class Sales Certifications

Quarterly Business Reviews Lead

Companies Supported

Specialization as Revenue Leader

Like all the Fractional Revenue Leaders affiliated with Atomic Revenue, my experience spans multiple industries with transferable insights that help my clients diagnose, resolve, and optimize revenue performance with an emphasis on profitable scalability. I am committed to delivering measurable value by empowering your people with process, technology, and data for end-to-end revenue production. That being said, I have some key differentiators that might make me the right choice for your team and your organization.

Deepest Industry Expertise

Business-to-Business (B2B) technical solutions sales characterized by long, consultative, peer-to-peer sales process (Technology, Consulting, Commercial B2B Services, B2B Research) globally with high Lifetime Value (LTV) customers coupled with revenue retention strategy.

Improve Sales Conversion Rate

  • Solutions Selling
  • Higher client conversion
  • Improved Client Value Perception
  • Improved Sales Velocity
  • Positioning Sales as Trusted Advisors to Clients

Maximized Lifetime Value of Customers

  • Strategic Client Discovery
  • Customer/Referral Sourced Revenue
  • Lifecycle Feedback loop
  • Subscription Renewals Improvement
  • NPS Score Improvement

Greatest Professional Passion

Transforming 1:1 customer interactions from a numbers game to leveraging strategic smart communication methods to uncover the customer’s full problem, and retain them with delight. I have a passion for working smarter, and improving revenue, efficiency and customer experience at the same time.

While there’s so much we can leverage from an AI perspective, understanding what customers are thinking, and gaining their confidence in trusting you is impossible to gain artificially. It’s about leveraging those technical capabilities while also getting smarter with our customer relationships.
Kelley O’Keeffe
how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Key Engagement Methods

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Fractional Revenue Leader

Improving people and processes to maximize conversion and retention of revenue is what I enjoy. My approach includes maximizing the effectiveness of human capital resources involved, automating where possible, while continually gaining actionable insights from customers in an empathetic, yet cost effective way that produces high returns more predictably.

how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm


I founded The Scale School (trademark pending), a proprietary combination of on demand courses and live trainings designed for those selling into companies to improve B2B conversion rates during the sales process. The program encompasses all areas of the sales cycle, but specifically focuses on taking customers from interested, to ready to buy. Read more about the contents and results of the program.
how to increase revenue with the best revenue operations firm

Speaking Engagements

It is my passion to share what I have learned from life about communication and challenging interpersonal relationships, to provide key takeaways designed to help the audience generate new ideas for conducting discovery with clients, turnaround strained client relations, communicate ROI, and improve customer loyalty.